Introduction to College of Foreign Languages
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The College of Foreign Languages, Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT) was founded in May 2010, and was formerly a division of the College of Arts and Sciences, TYUT. Currently the College has four major subsidiaries for teaching and research: Department of Foreign Languages, General English Department, Research Center for Foreign Languages and Literature, and Internet-Based Foreign Language Education Center, and four functional divisions: Administration Office, Teaching and Research Management Office, Student Affairs Office, and the Office of the Communist Youth League Committee. Along with a 5000-square-meter floor areas of buildings for administration and teaching and a 5000-square-meter floor areas of building for foreign language teaching and experiments, the College has a series of learning centers for foreign language majors, including simultaneous interpretation laboratories, modern Internet-based language learning centers, multimedia language laboratories, e-reading rooms, etc. The College is the one and only testing place in Shanxi Province for the English Test for International Communication (nationwide). The College currently is running Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. The undergraduate programs include three specializations: English, English and Japanese, and English and Russian. The Master’s degree programs include specialty of foreign languages and literature (first-level discipline), and Master of Translation and Interpretation (MTI), recruiting and nurturing postgraduates majoring in English, Japanese, and Russian. The number of undergraduates and postgraduates reaches 537 and 109 in 2019.

The College  has a knowledgeable, strict, vibrant, and vigorous teaching and research  team with a reasonable structure in technical title and age. Among the 139 teaching and administrating staff in this College, there are 10 full-time foreign teachers, 45 professors and associate professors, 20 PhDs and doctoral candidates, 16 supervisors for Master’s theses, 1 distinguished expert in Shanxi “100-Talent Program”, 1 expert in Shanxi “133 Leading Talent”, 5 experts in “Shanxi Talent”, 2 “Outstanding Teachers” in Shanxi Province, 1 provincial academic and technological leader, 3 senior distinguished foreign experts, 1 expert from American Fulbright program, and more than 10 experts and scholars famous at home and abroad. In recent years, many teachers have received awards at various levels, including the honor of “Renowned Teachers”, "Young and Middle-Aged Backbone Teachers in Universities and Colleges of Shanxi Province", "Outstanding Teachers" at the university level or provincial level, as well as the awards of "Shanxi Provincial Young Faculty Basic Skills Competition" .

For years, the College has been attaching equal importance to teaching and research and has made excellent achievements. The course, College English, has been ranked as a provincial quality course and Foundation English for Postgraduates as a provincial quality course for postgraduates. Faculty members have been actively engaged in linguistics, literature, and language teaching research projects at all levels, with numerous grants, including 10 national projects, 5 College English teaching reform projects sponsored by the Ministry of Education, and 20 scientific research and teaching reform projects at the provincial or ministerial level and beyond. More than 60 scientific research projects have been either completed or underway. Thee project are sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, and the Provincial Department of Education, among which more than 10 projects have made excellent achievements in provincial social science research and teaching achievements in Shanxi Province. Faculty members have published widely in both Chinese and overseas journals, and they are well recognized academically.

The College provides a variety of possibilities and chances for the students. The undergraduates can apply for second-degree studies in law, computer science, and management, and get Double Bachelor Degrees. In addition, the College has long been committed to international and domestic academic exchanges, including many renowned universities such as the University of Sydney (Australia), the University of Auckland (New Zealand), the Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Russia), the Shinshu University (Japan), the University of the West Indies (Jamaica), Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, as well as universities in Hong Kong and Taiwan. So far seven students have received Master’s Degree from the University of Sydney, and more are still pursuing their master’s or doctoral degrees studies, at the  University of Sydney and the University of Auckland. 18 undergraduates have gone through the exchange program at  the Bauman Moscow State Technical University in the past two years .

With teaching at the center and discipline construction as the lead, the College of Foreign Languages will continue to improve the overall quality of teaching staff snf enhance the quality of teaching in College English, and courses in undergraduate, postgraduate, and the second degree programs. Focusing on program-running efficiency and improving the teaching facilities, the College aims to continuously improve teaching and research conditions for teachers and enhance students’ competitiveness for employment through establishing quality internship bases and broadening employment channels. The College will further strengthen the teaching team  with a  policy that adequately addresses a need for maintaining a good balance that takes into consideration the existing teaching staff so that they can be offered opportunities for further professional development and those who are specially recruited.. United as one, we will strive to achieve our development goal of building our College into a quality college of foreign languages in similar universities nationwide!


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